Sons of Zion

Lakeside 2018 – Whenua #itsabouthome has just got that much more exciting with the addition of top act Sons of Zion agreeing to play an unplugged set. The local link in the band is one of the group’s staples, Rio Panapa. The youngster grew up in Rotorua and only left in 2002 to further his musical career, but any chance to come home to Rotorua to eat some of his mum’s kai, he will grab it. The sweetheart of Kiwi reggae is quickly gaining a name for himself as being more than just a musician, with his social conscious seeing him giving his and his band’s time to help raise money for those less fortunate. Sons of Zion is one of the southern Hemisphere’s most loved bands after years of chart-topping hits and sell out concerts. They have had an impressive 12 million streams on Spotify, more than 10 million views on Youtube and 100,000-plus followers on social media. Lakeside is thrilled to add four members of the six-piece band to the Lakeside lne-up where they will perform their hit song Is That Enough.

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