Noelle Dannenbring

For years classical pianist Noelle Dannenbring has watched the¬†Rotorua Lakeside concerts in awe. This year, the talented player will get her chance under the spotlight at Lakeside 2018 – Whenua #itsabouthome. The young Taiwan-born talent has been playing for about 17 years and first learned her craft from her father, a music professor. She had piano lessons with Beth Williams while living in Rotoua before moving to Hamilton to study piano performance with tutor Katherine Austin at Waikato University. She hasn’t long been back in Rotorua, which will be home again for a short stint before she heads off overseas to further her studies. We are sure there will be many a young budding classical musician in this year’s Lakeside crowd who will look up to Noelle and dream of making it, just like she did all those years ago.

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