Maimoa Music

When you put a bunch of talented young Maori singers together on a reality TV show, you get Maimoa Music. The bubbly group of 12 singers were made famous on Maori Television show Voice Of Our Future as they strived to write not one, but two hit songs for Maori Language Week. Maimoa Music consists of current and former presenters of the hit TV series Pukana, including Makaira Berryman, Puawai Taiapa, Nathaniel Howe and Raniera Blake as well as Tawaroa Kawana of New Zealand’s Got Talent fame. Pere Wihongi, who’s a familiar face in Maori broadcasting, is also a part of the group, alongside his sister Awatea Wihongi, Metotagivale Schmidt-Peke, Hoeata Maxwell-Blake, Kia Kaaterama Pou, Mereana Teka and Te Awhina Wanikau. The group burst onto the charts in 2016 with the release of their single Maimoatia and followed it up last year with their second single Wairua. The group has had vocal coaching from Rotorua’s Turanga Merito, who also featured on the reality television series.

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