Lakeside 2021 To Be Postponed

Lakeside 2021 Postponed - Official Statement

Rotorua Lakeside Concert Charitable Trustees have decided not to present a concert at the Rotorua Village Green next year. Scheduled to be held in March 2021, the iconic free family focused outdoor concert spectacular would have been the Trust’s 25th annual event. Trustees believe that given the impact on our community of the COVID-19 virus, it would be inappropriate to begin the task of seeking the financial and commercial support necessary to make the event viable. The Trust wanted to send an early signal to potential funders and the public that Lakeside 2021 would wait until better financial times to stage our milestone 25th concert. Chairman Ian Edward said “planning an event of Lakeside's scale requires at least ten months forward planning to secure the funding, the artists and the infrastructure necessary to create from nothing, a successful concert”. He stated “that this was not the time to approach our generously loyal sponsors from around the country, when they will all be under severe financial pressure.” The Lakeside Concerts have long been a Rotorua calendar highlight. The event has consistently scored the highest level of approval by local people over any other event. The recent 2020 concert ‘Tatau Tatau’ was truly magnificent. While it is true that people want to be entertained during difficult times, Lakeside will wait a little longer to celebrate our 25 years of success. Rest assured, it will happen, and it will be “fantastic”.


Every year we choose a local charity for the donations to support.

2020 Charity - KidsCan Charitable Trust

Education is a child’s ticket out of poverty. It is how we will break the cycle of hardship, and it is at the core of everything KidsCan does. We are levelling the playing field, giving children whose families are struggling the same opportunity to learn as anyone else.

We hope that you can give generously. Please bring along your extra gold coins for the charity collection, or donate online. For more information about KidsCan please visit or visit their Facebook page.